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Séminaire, Prof. Petar IGIC, Université de Coventry, UK, 24 et 25 mai 2022

Le Professeur IGIC Petar de l’Univeristé de Coventry présentera deux séminaires :

1. Magnetic Power Integrated Circuit Technology and Devices

Mardi 24 mai 2022
Salle Rubis (N3), bâtiment ESPRIT, Université de Lille


Magnetic power IC technology is key enabler for more energy efficient, smaller size, higher reliability and lower cost electronics systems. The focus of this talk will be on evolution and state of the art of the components within this technology: current sensors, lateral power devices including RESURF (REduced SURface Field) device concept and isolation devices. Silicon technology is still dominating the Power IC market, but some remarks on the latest GaN power IC developments will be presented and discussed as well.

2. Power Semiconductor Devices and Applications

Mercredi 25 mai 2022
Salle Rubis (N3), bâtiment ESPRIT, Université de Lille


The focus of this seminar will be on power semiconductor technology development, from early days to state of the art silicon, gallium nitride and silicon carbide technology. The students will learn about ideal power devices’ requirements, physical limitations of the real power devices, breakdown voltage limitations and junction isolation techniques. This will be followed by introduction of important power device concepts: power PiN diode, V-MOS, VDMOS, Trench MOSFET, Superjunction MOSFET, IGBTs, Power GaN HEMTs, latest SiC device

About the Speaker

Pr Petar IGIC is head of power electronics at C-ALPS, Coventry University; over 20-year experience of research in power semiconductor devices and technology, electro-thermal compact modelling dedicated to power electronic design, electric vehicle systems, renewable energy. Worked on industrial projects or been a consultant to numerous major Japanese, European and American multinationals, such as TOYOTA Motor Corporation Japan, HITACHI Japan, IR USA, Vishay SILICONIX USA, X-Fab Germany, Diodes Zetex UK, ALSTOM France, IQE UK. Published over 150 scientific papers in journals and international conferences & technical reports.