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A strategic group

Created in 1989, the laboratory L2EP (EA 2697) was born from the will of 4 partner institutions: the University of Science and Technology of Lille , Arts et Métiers institute of technology, the Ecole Centrale de Lille , and  Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur  (junia HEI)  to bring together at the heart of the same laboratory all research activities in  Electrical Engineering.


Located in Lille with an international influence, the L2EP is made up of 4 teams whose works cover all inherent aspects i inthe field of the electrical energy. (design and management)  A major player at the regional level, it sets itself the goal of always being at the forefront of scientific research.

The laboratory counts today 107 people including 36 teachers-researchers or assimilated, 14 IATOS staff, 42 PhD students and 24 non-titular staff. It is headed by Professor Betty Lemaire-Semail.

Complementary Skills

The laboratory is made up of 4 research teams whose work covers all the aspects inherent in the field of the electrical energy.

A Partnership research 

Favored partner of the industrial world, the L2EP is committed to its side and with other university laboratories and research institutes on projects of excellence. It leads joint research actions such as the technological research center mobilized on the MEDEE project (Master of Energy Energetic Electrical Drives).

It also brings its expertise to the research group SEEDS (electrical energy system in their societal dimension), the MEGEVH project of the RT3 network  (Technological Research on Terrestrial Tranports) of the Ministry of Research and has created a joint laboratory, the LAMEL with EDF R & D. The laboratory has integrated the Carnot Institute ARTS (Research Actions for Technology and Society), a national system in response to technological challenges.

Presentation of the Laboratory