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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824256.



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PARTNERS – Coordinator: Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL (University of Lille)

Projet CPER

CE2I 2015-2022




Coordinator: Prof. Betty SEMAIL (University of Lille)


Organisation of conferences

The different teams of the laboratory are involved in the scientific organisation at the national and international level. They regularly organise seminars, conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc.



Le L2EP à co-organisé COMPUMAG 2019, en collaboration avec les laboratoires GeePs et L2E.

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EPE’13 ECCE Europe (European Power electonics) – 3-5 september 2013
L2EP organised the 15th European conference dedicated to power electronics and its applications. There was a record attendance with more than 1,000 participants from all over the world coming to discuss and exhibit their work on the transport of the future and energy networks. In particular, three days were devoted to the topics of aeronautical transport, guided strain relief and electric vehicles. For the first time in the history of the conference, a Carbon Care action was taken and the event was opened up to the general public via a forum that involved demonstrations on electric vehicles.

VPPC (Vehicle Power and propulsion conference) – 1-3 septembre 2010
An IEEE conference that addressed the topic of clean mobility at its 7th yearly event in Lille.

ELECTROMOTION 1-3 juillet 2009
The 8th « international symposium on Advanced Electromechanical Motion systems »

One-day cross-border event on the integration of wind turbines into electricity networks and a one-day event with RtE, ELIA and Suez on the feedback from the « electricity blackout » of November 2006.

EPNC Symposium (Electromagnetic phenomenum in non-linear circuits) – 2008
The purpose of this symposium was to present the advances in the field of analysing non-linear electrical and magnetic circuits and their applications.

Symposium LDIA – 2007
The LDIA (Linear drives for industry applications) symposium is a congress on the study and control of linear motors and applications for railway, marine and military traction.

NUMELEC – 2006
Numelec is a European conference on numerical methods in electromagnetism whose aim is to offer both communities working in modelling in the fields of low and high frequencies.

Industrial involvement in the MEDEE project

In the Nord-Pas de Calais region, electrical engineering is included in the CPER (2007-2013) in the form of one of the flagship projects of the MEDEE cluster. What’s more, the « development of strong current electrical components and chains » is one of the specific features of the Regional Innovation Strategy.

The MEDEE cluster, whose long-term viability was ensured by making it a non-profit association (« loi 1901 ») in February 2010, is an organisation made up of academics, manufacturers and SMEs gathered together to conduct research within a partnership. The association has a Board of Directors and a Scientific Committee. The activities conducted within the cluster are organised into projects (10 in total) which are broken down into operations.