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As a partner of the industrial world, the L2EP is committed to collaborating with the latter, as well as with other university laboratories and research institutes on projects of excellence. Here are some examples of the laboratory’s main partners.

MEDEE Cluster

The MEDEE cluster (Technological Research Centre for the Energy Control of Electric Drives) is an organisation composed of academics, manufacturers and SMEs from the Nord Pas-de-Calais region with the aim of forming research partnerships.


About 100 partners are grouped together as part of the MEDEE Cluster including the following:

Industrial groups: EDF Group, Jeumont Electric, Alstom Transport, Safran / Hispano Suiza, Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel, Valéo, Schneider Electric

SMEs and micro-enterprises within the region: (Maia Eolis, Auxel, etc.) and outside the region

Research laboratories within the region: L2EP, LSEE, LME, Tempo, LAMIH, LIFL

Research laboratories outside the region: ELAP, LEC, Supelec, LGEP, the Ampère laboratory


In order to structure their collaboration around the calculation of fields and jointly contribute to the development of a code_Carmel calculation code, EDF R&D and the L2EP set up a joint laboratory in 2006: LAMEL (« Laboratoire de Modélisation de Matériel Electrique » – electrical material modelling laboratory)

MEGEVH network 

MEGEVH (« Modélisation Energétique et Gestion d’Energie des Véhicules Hybrides » – energy modelling and energy management of hybrid vehicles) is a national scientific network whose objective is to initiate collaborations between academic and industrial partners on the theme of electric and hybrid vehicles.


10 research laboratories: FEMTO-ST (Belfort), IFP (Lyon), LAAS (Toulouse), LAGIS (Lille), LAMIH (Valenciennes), LAPLACE (Toulouse), L2EP (Lille), LGEP (Paris), LTN-IFFSTAR (Arcueil) and LTE-IFFSTAR (Bron)

8 industrial groups: ALSTOM (Belfort), LMS (Lyon), Nester Systems (Satory), Renault technocentre (Guyancourt), Valéo (créteil), Peugeot Citroen (La Garenne), SAFT (Bordeaux), SNCF (paris)

Carnot ARTS Institute

L2EP is part of the Carnot ARTS (« Actions de Recherche pour la Technologie et la Société » – research actions for technology and society) Institute, a national organisation whose aim is to promote partnership research for companies and innovation, and develop technology transfer.