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Séminaire Equipe OMN, 19 Avril 2018

Le Jeudi 19 Avril 2018, Sylvain BABICZ, ATER, effectuera un séminaire sur le thème :

Characterizations of Electrical Engineering Materials: Application to Dielectric Materials submitted to High Temperatures (>300°C)
suivi d’une discussion scientifique.

Date : Jeudi 19 février 2018 à 13h30
Lieu : Salle 2S53 à Lilliad

A part of the evolution in the field of electrical engineering concerns the increase of device temperature class. Concerning magnet wire organic insulations, the temperature class seemed to reach a limit. As a consequence, laboratories start to explore inorganic insulations. These are principally composed of alumina and must be characterized as they will be used in electrical devices. High temperatures, above 300°C, are becoming of high interest whether it is for aeronautical equipment, near the turbines, or in the case of the increase of the power-to-weight ratio for new transport applications as electric vehicles. All the components of a classic electric motor must be re-thought and studied in the case of high temperatures. This presentation will discuss the problem for dielectric purposes, and will be extended to magnetic materials.