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Séminaire CUMIN, 22 et 23 janv. 2020



Seminar 22 – 23 January 2020

CUMIN: Campus of University with Mobility based on Innovation and carbon Neutrality

Amphi Atrium, ESPRIT Building, University of Lille

Preliminary program

22 january 2020

  • 13:30, Welcome coffee
  • 14:00, A. Bouscayrol (CUMIN, L2EP), Introduction on CUMIN
  • 14:20, R. German (L2EP), Overview of EVE
  • 14:40, M. Chabane, H. Hamndad, Z. Tall (MSc), Bi-motor electric vehicle (EVE)
  • 15:00, A. Badji, A. Elkamel, M. Vanhoutte (MSc.), Range of an e-bus on the campus (EVE)
  • 15:20, Coffee break
  • 15:40, E. Castex (TVES), Overview on MOUVE
  • 16:00, E. Hittinger (L2EP-RIT), Overview on TESS
  • 16:20, I. Mekki, C. Youbi, S. Zhang (MSc), Technical-economical study of Nissan Leaf (TESS)
  • 16:40, Coffee break
  • 17:00, M. El Badaoui El Najar (CRIStAL), Overview on SAANA
  • 17:20, K. Hamad, K. Hamouch, A. Ndiaye (MSc), Data acquisition system for Autonomous Vehicle (SAANA)
  • 17:40, E. Castex (TVES) / A. Bouscayrol (L2EP), Overview on SARA
  • 18:00, E. Aguire, R. Dib, S. Pang (MSc), Online comparison Aps for vehicle consumption (SARA)
  • 17:40 Coktail

23 jannuary 2020

  • 08:00, Welcome coffee
  • 08:20, J. Frotey (CRIStAL), Policy of EV charging infrastructure (EVE/MOUVE)
  • 08:40, J. Klein (CRIStAL), Overview on ADAM
  • 09:00, A. Desrevaux (L2EP-TVES, CUMIN), Energy consumption of different daily trips (EVE/ADAM)
  • 09:20 Coffee break
  • 09:40, P. Delarue (L2EP) / C. Brocard (MEL), Overview on REMUS
  • 10:00, R. O. Beriel (PhD, L2EP-MEL, CUMIN), Experimental platform for testing subway lines (REMUS)
  • 10:20, Q. Deng, V. Drutowski, Y. Lahbib (MSc), Power flow between different subway cars (REMUS)
  • 10:40 Coffee break
  • 11:00, A. Bouscayrol (L2EP) / E. Castex (TVES), Overview on eCAMPUS
  • 11:20, D. Ramsey (PhD, L2EP-IRH, eCAMPUS), Energy consumption of EV and comfort system (eCAMPUS)
  • 11:04, E. Masclef (PhD, TVES-LVC, eCAMPUS), Comparative analysis of both campuses (eCAMPUS)
  • 12:00 W. Lhomme (L2EP), Visit of the “eV” platform
  • 12:30 End of seminar


This seminar is supported by Univ. Lille, i-SITE ULNE, Region Hauts-de-France and MEL within the CUMIN program.

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