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co-organisation de COMPUMAG 2019, 15-19 juillet 2019

COMPUMAG 2019, the 22nd International Conference on the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, will be held in ParisFrance, from July 15 to 192019. It is co-organized by three French research teams, the GeePs and L2E in Paris and the L2EP in Lille. The conference venue is the Campus Pierre and Marie Curie of Sorbonne University, located in the heart of Paris.

Since its creation in 1976, COMPUMAG has been one of the most important events in the field of computational electromagnetics for researchers all over the world to present their latest research advances, to share professional experiences, to exchange new ideas and to expand their professional networks.

The aim of the COMPUMAG 2019 is to discuss recent developments and practical applications in the numerical computation of electromagnetic fields for engineers and physicists engaged in the design and analysis of electromagnetic devices and systems. Reflecting the new trends and rapid progress in the field of topics listed below, authors worldwide are invited to submit original and previously unpublished contributions.

With your valuable contribution and active participation, we believe that you will benefit from the excellent quality of technical presentations, have fruitful discussions, experience pleasant moments by meeting friends and establishing new scientific relationships, and have an enjoyable stay in Paris.

On behalf of the board of International Compumag Society, the organizing committee and the editorial board, we sincerely welcome you to Paris to attend the COMPUMAG 2019.

  • General
    • General Chair: Zhuoxiang Ren (L2E, France)
    • Co-chairman: Stéphane Clénet (L2EP, France)
    • Co-chairman: Lionel Pichon (GeePs, France)
  • Editorial Board
    • Chairman: Kay Hameyer (RWTH, Aachen, Germany)
    • Co-chairman: Abdelkader Benabou (L2EP, France)
  • Organizing Committee
    • Secretariat
      • Thomas Henneron (L2EP, France)
      • Xavier Mininger (GeePs, France)
      • Hakeim Talleb (L2E, France)
    • Members
      • Frédéric Bouillault (GeePs, France)
      • Laurent Daniel (GeePs, France)
      • Muriel Darces (L2E, France)
      • Chloe Hamel Dellenbach (L2E, France)
      • Yann Lebihan (GeePs, France)
      • Yvonnick Le Menach (L2EP, France)
      • Francis Piriou (L2EP, France)
      • Hélène Roussel (L2E, France)
      • Zuqi Tang (L2EP, France)
      • Guido Valerio (L2E, France)