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Séminaire OMN, S. CLenet, 8 juillet 2019

Lundi 08 Juillet à 14:00 à l’Atrium (RdC) du bâtiment Esprit, Prof. Stephane Clenet (ENSAM) effectuera un séminaire sur le thème:

Why and how uncertain quantification can be useful in low frequency electromagnetism ?

Date : Lundi 8 juillet 2019, 14h – 16h
Lieu : Bât. ESPRIT, Atrium (RdC)

In some applications represented by very accurate models (the modelling and the numerical errors are negligible), if a gap exists between the measurements, assuming perfect, and the results given by the numerical model, it comes from deviations on input parameters which are not in the ”real world” equal to their prescribed values.
The origins of these deviations are numerous and are related to either a lack of knowledge or uncontrolled variations of quantities like temperature, pressure, magnetization. To account for these uncertain deviations on model parameters, the stochastic approach can be used. The model parameters as well as the outputs are then random fields or variables. Several methods are available in the literature to solve stochastic models like sampling methods, perturbation methods or approximation methods. In this presentation, we propose an overview on the solution of stochastic problems in computational electromagnetics. Some applications will be presented in order to illustrate the possibilities offered by this approach Finally, recent numerical techniques proposed in the literature to alleviate the cumbersome needs of resources in terms of memory and time calculation of the stochastic approach particularly due to the the curse of dimensionality appearing when the number of uncertain parameters increases.