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Séminaire Jeunes Chercheurs et Chercheuses, 31 Mars 2023

Vendredi 31 Mars 16h, à ESPRIT Atrium

Application of Grid-Forming control on an electric vehicle charger

Yorgo Laba, Ph.D. student, Réseaux

Vehicle (EV) technology has become one of the impactful factors on electrical grid management given its rapid evolution. Since standard EVs are perceived as additional constraints for Distribution System Operators (DSO), new reversible chargers can also contribute to power system stability. When the charger will be connected to a weak – or even islanded – grid, it is envisioned to contribute to the voltage and frequency control. In this scenario, the standard EV control method, known as « Power Factor Control, » lacks the necessary capabilities to meet these required specifications. In this context, this presentation introduces “grid-forming” as a universal control architecture for automotive reversible battery chargers able to fit with any grid condition: strong, weak, or islanded.

Design of Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (LSPMSM) for Industrial Applications

Hamza Farooq, Ph.D. student, OMN

Motors are the largest consumers of electricity worldwide. In order to improve economic and sustainability outcomes, there is a growing trend towards increasing the efficiency of motors used for fixed speed applications. Therefore, to replace the traditional Squirrel Cage Induction Motors (SCIM) used for direct start applications, an innovative technology known as Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (LSPMSM) has been introduced recently. LSPMSM starts directly from the grid and operates with super-premium IE4 class efficiency. This seminar will present a comprehensive approach to provide the electromagnetic design of LSPMSMs for industrial applications.