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Séminaire: C. Rossi

Professor Claudio Rossi from university of Bologna in Italia will give two seminars:

  • tuesday 19th of january from 14:00 to 16:00 at Polytech’Lille (Université Lille 1), Amphitheatre APPERT;

    e-CVT Power Split Transmission for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles


    Traction system based on electric driven Continuously Variable Transmission (e-CVT) is widely used in full hybrid powertrain for passenger cars. This presentation aims to facilitate the understanding of this technology and its potential by describing the principle of operation, and introducing simple criteria for the specification of the elements of the transmission.

  • thursday 21th of january from 14:00 to 16:00 at building P2 in Université Lille 1, room 218;

    Dual motor propulsion system for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)


    Two-motor, two-axle, two-battery configuration for a full electric compact car, could be considered as a viable solution for the powertrain of battery electric vehicle (BEV). The possibility to split the battery pack in two separate systems opens to the exploitation of extra low voltage even for compact cars. A comparison to a single motor design, a sizing criteria for the two drives, the impact on the power stage design, the structure of the control system and the possibility to embed active stability control algorithm in the powertrain will be presented.

About the speaker:

claudiorossiClaudio ROSSI (IEEE Member since 2004) received his M.Sc. and the PhD degrees from the University of Bologna, in 1997 and 2001, respectively, both in electrical engineering. Since 2000 he is Research Associate at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the same University in Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Electronics. His present research activity is devoted to power electronics, electric drives and battery management system for full-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. He leaded the powertrain development for BEV (2-wheeler, lightweight vehicle, ATV, compact car, commercial vehicles, small buses) and HEV (cars and agricultural tractors). He is currently associate professor at the University of Bologna in ‘electric propulsion system’.