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Invited professor: L. Dupre

The next lecture of the SDA unit of the doctoral schools SMI and SPI is Prof. Luc DUPRE from Ghent University, Belgium: Thursday 14 January 2016 10:15-12:15 room P2-216, Univ Lille1

Magnetic properties of electrical steels for electrical machines

For the design of electromagnetic devices (electrical machines and transformers) and the prediction of the performance of the devices, an evaluation of the overall loss in general and of the iron loss in particular is important.
For the producers of electrical steels, interested in improving the material quality, it is important to know the magnetic behavior not only under prescribed, strongly simplified conditions, but the more under the realistic conditions in electromagnetic devices. Here, the relation between the electromagnetic behavior and the microstructure of the electrical steel is crucial as the microstructure is directly related to the material production and treatment techniques. The knowledge of the material behavior under application conditions is also valuable for the machine constructors, with regard to the material choice when optimizing the design of the device.
In the lecture, we will review the basic physical principles resulting in electromagnetic loss in steels, how these losses can be identified experimentally and what the impact can be of the material choice on the design of generators for wind energy.

About the speaker:
Luc R. Dupré (M’01) was born in 1966. He graduated in electrical and mechanical engineering in 1989 and received the Ph.D. degree in applied sciences in 1995, both from the Ghent University, Belgium. He joined the Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, Ghent University, in 1989 as a research assistant. In the period between 1996 and 2002 , he has been a postdoctoral Researcher for the Fund of Scientific Research-Flanders and during 6 months ‘visiting post-doctoral fellow’ at the ‘Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale ‘Galileo Ferraris’’ in Turin, Italy. He became associate professor in 2003 and full professor in 2006 at the Ghent University. Within the department of Electrical Energy, Systems and Automation his main research activities are focused on numerical methods for low frequency electromagnetism with applications in electrical machines, magnetic materials, non destructive testing and biomedical problems.