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Feedback on the PANDA final Event

The H2020 PANDA final event has been held in Lille, France, 24-25 May, in in-presence and virtual modes. It was a great success with 136 on-line attendees and 146 on-site attendees from 32 countries (Asia, America, Africa, Europe).

The content was composed of:

  • 17 presentations on the PANDA results,
  • 1 presentation on the PANDA carbon care action,
  • 3 presentations of other connected H2020 projects,
  • 5 presentations of the PANDA evaluation group,
  • 5 experimental demos (BEV, FCV, P-HEV, HIL battery and e-drive testing),
  • 2 virtual demos (PANDA cloud-computing simulation and cloud-based HIL testing),
  • 1 round table on future Horizon Europe projects on the topic.

All information and pdf on the PANDA web site: https://project-panda.eu

“It will be a great showcase to present what we developed.”
Prof. Alain Bouscayrol welcomes you to the PANDA final event. At the final event the partners will present what they have developed in the past 3 years. The event will be:

  • Dates: May 24th and May 25th 2022
  • Location: L2EP laboratory, University of Lille, France
  • Meeting type: Hybrid (on location + online)
  • Costs: Free of charge

To keep updated about the PANDA Final Event, click the below button:

PANDA Final Event programme 

Preliminary programme:

  • Results from the project: Learn about the latest PANDA innovations from the experts
  • Physical demo: Take a test drive with BEV, PHEV and FCEV, and see how batteries and e-motors are tested via the cloud
  • An hour with the experts: Explore the novel simulation software, guided by the original developers
  • Related projects: Learn what related colleagues have developed in XiLforEV and Vision-xEV
  • Evalution group: See how other apply the PANDA approach in their real-life applications and use cases
  • Round table: Join the discussion do evaluate the outcomes of the projects, and brainstorm about what we should develop next.