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ACES 2024: The Smart Move ! June 29th – July 13th 2024

ACES 2024: The Smart Move!

Co-organised by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Lille (largest French university and in the top 100 European most innovative universities of the Times Higher Education ranking) and the International Academy (summer university for international students in Hauts-de-France), the research-oriented summer school ACES 2024 is a strong 60-hour training programme focusing on the fundamental aspects of control, automation & electrical engineering, in line with top-tier research centres & leading innovative computer science, power electronics & automation clustersParticular emphasis will be laid on innovative applications such as electrical and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy systems, autonomous vehicles, robotics and smart systems, capable of inventing and developing new breakthroughs and technological developments.

Designed to facilitate admission to doctoral or postdoctoral programmes in France, student projects will include: sessions of tutorials and discussion with researchers and PhD students from the laboratories involved, the analysis of articles, bibliographical summaries, a presentation of state-of-the-art trends in the chosen research topic, simulations when appropriate and a final project defence in front of the scientific board.

Midway between Paris, London and Brussels, at the heart of a high-performance academic and economic hub that makes innovation a priority, ACES 2024 will provide high-standard English-taught classes, scientific immersion in the field, as well as an introduction to research through a supervised project.

A smart opportunity to broaden your international experience under enjoyable conditions with fellow students worldwide.

Coordinators of the scientific programme: Ass. Prof. HDR Walter LHOMME, L2EP & Prof. Lotfi BELKOURA, CRIStAL.

#Keywords: advanced modelling methods, advanced control methods, hybrid and electric vehicles, electro-mobility, artificial intelligence, energetic macroscopic representation, innovative energy storage systems, high-efficiency electrical machines, system identification, parameters estimation.

ACES 2024 will build upon the successful ACES 2018, 2021 and 2022 France Excellence Summer Schools.

NB: The modalities and contents presented on this website may be subject to minor modifications. In case of force majeure, please note that this programme may be run online.

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