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Séminaire, Dr. Ludovic HORREIN, CBRE, Gland, Switzerland, 3 Feb. 2023

Doctoral School Unit

« Sustainable Development Applications »

Data Center – Constraints and Energy Consumption

CBRE, Gland, Switzerland

Friday 3 February 2023 / 16-18h Atrium ESPRIT


With the expansion of Big Data, streaming platforms, cloud storage, and internet commerce, data centers are multiplying and getting bigger. Over the past three years, with the rise of teleworking involving increased video conferencing, cloud storage, data centers have become increasingly necessary. Data centers are energy-intensive facilities. Moreover, for security reasons, data centers are closed to the public. The fact that data centers are very large consumers of energy without the public knowing exactly what is going on contributes to a bad image of data centers.
This conference will present the energy reliability constraints that apply to all data centers, both in terms of electrical energy and cooling. We will see how the impact of these constraints, aiming to maintain service continuity at a rate of 100%, imposes the duplication of assets and therefore the increase of energy consumers. Also, with the energy crisis that the world is going through, we will see how data centers are equipped to deal with potential power cuts and how data centers can support the grid by becoming power plants themselves

About the Speaker

Ludovic Horrein obtained his masters and her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lille in 2015 (PhD in energy management of hybrid vehicle @ L2EP). After his PhD, Ludovic Horrein worked for about 5 years at CERN on the development of power converters for particle accelerator magnets. Since 2021, he has been working for CBRE in the DCS (Data Center) department. His role within CBRE is to ensure that the data center fulfils its role as a secure infrastructure for all customers hosted within it.