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Professeur invité: Q. Zhang

Le professeur Qianfan Zhang du Harbin Institute of Technology (China) est invité à l’Université Lille 1 du 8 au 14 avril 2015. Il donnera un séminaire le 9 avril 2015 de 15h à 17h au bâtiment P2 de l’Université de Lille 1 en salle 005.

Titre du séminaire:
Research on Electric Systems for EV&HEV at HIT

Résumé de l’intervention du 9 avril 2015:
EVs have been gaining worldwide interest as a promising potential long-term solution to sustainable personal mobility caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions, and social awareness of environmental threats. Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) is one of the most attractive EVs, which have great potential to attain higher fuel economy and efficiency. The term hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) refers to a vehicle that can draw part or all of its power from the on-board battery modules whereas battery powered electric vehicle (BEV) refers to a vehicle that can only draw its power from the on-board battery modules. Electric machines and drives, energy storage and management system, power electronics converters and charging system are key parts on EVs to propel vehicles with high efficiency and connect the Grid friendly.
The purpose of this lecture is to present: a summary of our research activity on electric system applying on EVs at the “Institute of Electromagnetic and Electronics Technology (IEET)” in HIT, China.
In the first part, a brief introduction of HIT and School of Electrical Engineering and Automation is made. Then, the electric machines and drives including electric
variable transmission (EVT), control and design of Z-Source converter, integrated charging system, wireless electric power transfer technology are discussed respectively

A propos de l’intervenant:
Q_ZhangQianfan Zhang received his B.S. (1997), M.S. (1999) and Ph.D. (2004) degrees in Electronic Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He is now an Assistant Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. He is now in charge of Double Master Degree Program between Lille 1 and HIT.
His present research activities are in the area of Power Electronics, Electric machine and Drives, Integrated Charging System on EV and Plug-in HEV, Wireless Electric Power Transfer. He is a member of Institute of Electromagnetic and Electronics Technology(IEET) and Research group “Intelligent Grid Interfaced Vehicle Equipment (iGIVE)” of HIT. He is member of IEEE Societies: Power Electronics Society, Industry Applications Societies, and Industrial Electronics Society.
He is the author of more than 50 publications and has 4 patents. Prof. Zhang is also a former Vice Director of Department of Electrical Engineering in HIT.