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Supervisor : Philippe LE MOIGNE
Centrale Lille – Cité Scientifique
CS 20048 – 59651 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex
Tél : +33 (0)3-20-33-54-24




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Research areas

The team is working on the evolution of « clean » and « economic » conversion structures. It focuses its research activity on the frequency rise in conversion structures and their close control. This evolution is related to those of component technologies. The arrival of large gap components (SiC, GaN) marks a radical change in static conversion.

The study, characterization and modeling of semiconductors, magnetic components (coiled, planar ..), storage components (supercapacitors / batteries) are therefore developed. Then it is possible to set up converter models in order to improve them, both in terms of energy and electrical performance, and in terms of reducing electromagnetic disturbances conducted.
Our objectives according to this increase of switching frequency are :

  • To characterize and model these new active components, in order to control their behavior in future conversion structures
  • To model, design the switching cells with their environment (connectors, close control, cooling, EMC …)
  • To assemble and control these cells to achieve the desired conversions
  • To model and design EMC filters adapted to frequency constraints
  • To model and design the magnetic components suitable for integration and upscaling.

These results naturally lead us to work on the evolution of the structures and application of converters, especially in the context of industrial collaborations. The team is also working with the Networks one on the study of high-voltage converter structures (MMC family) connected to HVDC networks.


Power electronic, Wide bandgap, HF converters, power density, Pulse width modulation, electromagnetic compatibility, HF filtering, planar magnetic components, storage components


BARTHOLOMEUS Patrick, Associate Professor
CHEVALIER Florian, Associate Professor
DELARUE Philippe, Associate Professor
IDIR Nadir, Professor
LE MOIGNE Philippe, Professor
MARGUERON Xavier, Associate Professor
VIDET Arnaud, Associate Professor
CIMETIERE Xavier, Research engineer
DUQUESNE Thierry, Design engineer
SALOMEZ Florentin, Design engineer

Post-PhD Student

PhD Student
Yafang LI
Loris PACE
Stéphane VIENOT


Academic : IMT Lille-Douai, G2Elab, IEMN , IFSTTAR, ESTACA, Ecole Polytechnique de Turin, Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec), Ampère, GREMAN (Tours), IETR (Nantes), ICube (Strasbourg), LAMIH (Valenciennes), PEMC (Nottingham)
Industry : Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe, Thales, Safran, Valeo, Decathlon

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