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Best demo award, EuroHaptics 2020, Pierre GARCIA

Best demo award pour Pierre Garcia à EuroHaptics 2020 avec son dispositif à retour tactile. Pierre Garcia, doctorant Cifre avec la société HAP2U, a présenté un dispositif à retour tactile dénommé 2MoTac, créé dans le cadre de sa thèse, qui permet de faire ressentir à l’utilisateur la sensation de bouton tactile complètement contrôlée et localisée. […]

EPE award

The L2EP was rewarded for the organization of ECCE EPE Europe 2013 in Lille, through the two prizes awarded to Professor Betty Lemaire-Semail and Professor Alain Bouscayrol respectively EPE 2013 general chair and co-chair. These awards were presented during the conference EPE 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany, in September.

COMPEL16 Award

Julian Freytes received a « best paper award » during the 17th international workshop COMPEL, 27 – 30 June 2016, in Trondheim, Norway. This prize rewards the following article, presented in oral session: « Coordinated control for multi terminal DC grids connected to offshore wind farms » P. Rault, J. Freytes, X. Guillaud, F. Colas, H. Saad, […]

1st prize MELECON 2016

Haibo Zhang received the first prize of the « Student Paper Competition » during the 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference – MELECON 2016, April 18 – 20, 2016, Limassol, Cyprus. This prize rewards the following article, presented in oral session « Improved Overvoltage Limitation Control Approach of a DC Series Offshore Wind Farm Based on MMC » Haibo […]

EDPC-2015 Best Paper Award

Arnaud Videt received the best paper award during the 5th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC) taking place the 15th-16th of September 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. This prize rewards the author for the following article that was presented in oral session: « PWM Strategy for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Three-Phase Variable-Speed Drives with Active Front-End » VIDET […]

IET Premium Awards 2015

The following paper A. L. Allègre, A. Bouscayrol, R. Trigui, « Flexible real-time control of an Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles”, IET Electrical System for Transportation, Vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 79–85, September 2013, (common paper L2EP Lille and LTE-IFSTTAR within MEGEVH, French network on HEVs) has obtained the The IET Premium Awards 2015 […]

Award: IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology

Un article du L2EP a obtenu the Award 2013 du meilleur article sur le thème « Land transportation » de la revue IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. C. C. Chan, A. Bouscayrol, K. Chen, “Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Architectures and Modeling », IEEE transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 59, no. 2, pp. 589-598, February 2010 (common […]

Award: PCIM Europe 2012

Un article du L2EP a obtenu le Best Poster Award lors de la conférence PCIM Europe 2012. « Frequency Domain EMI Noise Source Modelling for Power Converter » by Clement Marlier, University of Lille1, France